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About Dubrovnik

George Bernard Shaw once said: "Those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik".
And indeed ... many of them visited it: whether they were Hollywood celebrities like Beyonce and Jay Z, Eva Longoria, Tom Cruise, or movie star icons like Elisabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

The documents confirming the City’s emergence date back to the 7thcentury. However, revealing new evidence suggests that the City was built earlier.
The founders of Dubrovnik, running away from the Avari people from destroyed Epidaurus (today's town of Cavtat), arrived on the islet of Laus, determined to settle there permanently (the derivative of the City’s name: Laus - Raus - Rausium - Ragusium - Ragusa).
On the other side of the Laus islet, at the foot of Srđ Hill, there was a thick oak forest Slavic people called “dub” and according to it, Dubrovnik got its present, well-known name.
The Dubrovnik Republic was a powerful trade center and a large maritime port, situated between two large maritime empires, the Venetian Republic on one side and the Ottoman Empire on the other.
Due to its geographic position, the Republic has always been interesting to everyone. Toward worlds’ leading nations, with its famous diplomatic talents, Dubrovnik managed to preserve its independence. In that way, the Republic even had its own currency.
The Republic was run by Rector. The elections were held each month.
In 1667 Dubrovnik struck a devastating earthquake. Almost half of the population was killed. In the devastating earthquake, great economic and cultural-artistic possessions have been destroyed. Yet Dubrovnik managed to recover and to regain its "old glow".
The protector of Dubrovnik is St. Blaise – a renowned doctor and healer originally from Armenia who was later proclaimed a bishop. Since he did not want to give up his faith, he was murdered by the Romans. In the Venetian attack on Dubrovnik, guardians managed to defend the City and the retreat of Venetians was considered as St. Blaise’s grace.
Today, Dubrovnik counts about 43,000 inhabitants.
Often called the "Pearl of the Adriatic", Dubrovnik worldwide is known as a metonym for our beautiful Homeland of Croatia.
In its recent history, Dubrovnik served as an inspiration for numerous Hollywood movies’ and serials’ scenery.

Only 20 minutes of pleasant boat ride from the Old Town port lies the island of Lokrum. With its history, sights, beauty and peace, it is a favorite destination of locals and tourists as well.
The picturesque town of Cavtat (previously called Epidaurus), actually older than Dubrovnik itself, is also a widely visited tourist destination.
The beautiful Konavle region, located at the far south of Croatia, offers its visitors a rich gastronomic and sports-recreational offer. Numerous country households are working on the development of rural tourism, providing an experience of how our ancestors used to live. Visitors can enjoy traditional homemade delicacies and enjoy in top quality wines.
Peninsula Peljesac is also known for its high quality wines presented through famous wine tasting routes and gastronomy.
Very popular tourists’ excursions are the islands of Dubrovnik Aquatics (Koločep, Lopud, Šipan, Mljet, Korčula ...).
Dubrovnik is situated nearby two border states: Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Because of its geographical proximity, it is easy to reach the popular tourist destinations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mostar and Medjugorje and the Montenegrin destinations of Budva and Kotor.


  • Sewerage system from the 13th century – Dubrovnik is among the first in the world to build a sewage system that is still in use
  • The Franciscan Monastery pharmacy from 1317 – the oldest one in Europe and still works as a pharmacy
  • First quarantine in the world established in 1377 – sailors and other passengers contaminated with infectious diseases have been quarantined
  • Dubrovnik Synagogue built in 1408 – the oldest Sephardic synagogue in the world and the second oldest one in Europe
  • The first orphanage in the world – founded in 1432 in the female’s Convent of St. Claire
  • Prohibition of trade slavery in 1416 – The Republic of Dubrovnik among the first in the world legally prohibited trade slavery
  • Arboretum Trsteno founded in 1498 – the oldest European arboretum
  • The oldest Law of Maritime Insurance in the world – established in 1568 during the time of the Republic of Dubrovnik

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