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About Maestral Hotels

All hotels are situated side by side on the western part of Dubrovnik, in the Lapad Bay. They are 4 km distant from the Old Town and about 25 km from the Dubrovnik Airport. The hotels operate seasonally, from Easter to the beginning of November.

Maestral Hotels is a tourist and hotel company, comprising 5 hotels in Dubrovnik and one annex, totaling 482 rooms with 924 beds.

Hotel Uvala ****

Located in the heart of greenery on the Lapad Peninsula in Dubrovnik, Hotel Uvala is the perfect place for a romantic getaway or a break from the fast-paced everyday life for the whole family.

Hotel Splendid ***

The Splendid Hotel is a coastal paradise surrounded by picturesque greenery. Its unique design celebrates the Mediterranean culture and delights its guests with views of the sea and the Elaphite Islands.

Hotel Komodor ***

Komodor is a hotel with the longest tradition in the Lapad Peninsula. The old stone walls and carefully chosen décor of the hotel evoke the Mediterranean as it once was.

Hotel Vis ***

Whether you are sunbathing in front of the hotel, enjoying on the terrace overlooking the Elaphite Islands or using the Stradun Promenade, a vacation at the Vis Hotel will delight you with the possibilities.

Hotel Adriatic **

On the quiet Lapad peninsula, in the first row to the sea, is the Hotel Adriatic. Designed to maximize the enchantment of the environment, the hotel offers a range of holiday options to your liking.

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soba za najam u hotelu Splendid
soba za najam u hotelu Komodor
soba za najam u hotelu Vis
soba za najam u hotelu Adriatic

Management and Supervisory Board

Management Board:

Ms. Marijana Zuanić (President of the Management Board)
E-pošta uprave: office@hotelimaestral.com

Supervisory Board:

G. Danko Ćorić, President of the Supervisory Board,
G. Josip Prkačin, Vice President of the Supervisory Board,
Gospođa Matea Mateković, Member of the Supervisory Board ,
Gđa Sandra Ivanović, Member of the Supervisory Board and
G. Matko Munitić, Member of the Superviory Board - employee representative

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