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About us

Gallery of old photographs of Maestral Hotels

Dear guests, see the gallery of old photographs of our Company.

About Maestral Hotels

Maestral Hotels is a tourist and hotel company in Dubrovnik, comprising 5 hotels and one annex totaling 482 rooms with 924 beds.

Basic Information

Company name, headquarters, court registrar, registration number, tax identification number, bank and account number, founding capital and number of stocks.

Management & Supervisory Board

The Management Board of Maestral Hotels consists of two members: • Mr Julijo Srgota (CEO) • Mr Miho Balija (Board Member) Members of Supervisory Board of Maestral Hotels consists of: • Mr Roberto Krile, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, • Mr Tomislav Vukovac, Vice-chairman of the Supervisory Board, • Mrs Vesna Rajković, Member of the Supervisory Board, • Nikola Babić, Member of the Supervisory Board and • Matko Munitić, Member of the Supervisory Board – representative of employees

Mission, Vission and Core Values

To offer an experience of MAESTRAL vacation. Standard... Value... Quality... Ambition... Unity... Harmony

Company History

Here you can see chronological development of the Maestral Hotels.


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